Mustapha Raji Hits Back at LISCR’s Critics

After many fans and pundits have criticized LISCR FC’s players for the Lone Star’s latest loss to Senegal, LISCR’s president, Mustapha Raji, has come in defense of his players.


OP-ED: A President With a Difference

Liberia, having had her fair share of chaos; instability, poverty, disease, amongst other calamities, needs more than an ordinary leader. With such devastation, the country has faced in times past, mostly due to poor leadership and little or no vision, Liberia needs an extraordinary leader in order to rebuild and restore all that has been lost over the past years, and improve on successes and gains made.

Lifestyle and Arts

Liberia’s 5 Best Live Acts

Whether it’s the level of energy they bring to the stage or the ability to perform exceptionally without the assistance of studio enhancements, these are the five best Liberian Acts worth seeing live.