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Sea Erosion Endangers Fishing Community in Buchanan

Sea Erosion Endangers Fishing Community in Buchanan

Residents of Fanti Town in Buchanan have threatened not to vote in the October 10, 2017 elections should their government fail to find a solution to prevent sea erosion in their community.

Two River Cess Candidates Commit to Transparency in County Funds

The Sustainable Development Institute, an organization that pushes for community involvement in natural resources management, has been conducting several activities across River Cess aimed at getting citizens to better understand and monitor county social development funds.

River Cess Rep. Alfred Juweh Says Report of His Support for Boakai is False

CESTOS, River Cess­­ – Rep. Alfred Juweh of River Cess’ first electoral district has vowed not to support Vice President Joseph Boakai in his presidential bid amid reports in a newspaper that the lawmaker had endorsed the Unity Party candidate. Juweh’s statement comes as a rebuttal to a front-page article in the July 24 edition