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OP-ED: The Contest of Ego, Relevance, and Charles Brumskine

OP-ED: The Contest of Ego, Relevance, and Charles Brumskine

Even if the runoff election were to be held in the next few days, Charles Brumskine and his “coalition of losers,” as some have called the other candidates who have joined his fight, have changed the narrative of this election. Are the people of Liberia buying it?

Biometrics 101: A Brief History of Biometric National ID Cards in Liberia

In 2011, the Government of Liberia created the National Identification Registry, an autonomous agency that would be responsible for developing and administering a National Biometric Identification System for all citizens and residents of the Republic of Liberia. This is no small undertaking, but six years later, NBIS is almost a reality.

I.E. Looks to the Future with Sekou Keita as President

It was a sunny Saturday on July 24, 2016, in the American suburb of Landover Hills, Maryland where a handful of Liberians have gathered to celebrate Liberia’s Independence Day with the now-famous ceremonial clash between fans of Liberia’s historic football rivals – Mighty Barrolle and Invincible Eleven.