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Five Finalists Selected to Compete for Integrity Idol 2017

Five Finalists Selected to Compete for Integrity Idol 2017

Following a nationwide nomination and sorting by a panel of selected judges, five finalists have been qualified to compete for this year’s Integrity Idol Awards. The program recognizes and celebrates the most honest public and civil servants in Liberia.

Tribute to a Fallen Colleague: Stephen Byron Tarr (1943-2017)

Byron Tarr’s older brother Phillip Tarr and I graduated Bassa High School together in 1960. Somehow, our paths diverged and the younger Byron entered my orbit in the late 60s.

Touring West Africa by Road

Rarely do you meet someone visiting Liberia purely for tourism. Meet Danay Bustamente, who describes herself as a passionate traveler, dancer, and dreamer. When she visited Liberia in March of this year, it was the 89th country she had been to as she was making her way across West Africa by public transportation. A Cuban who lives in Germany, she had come from Nigeria and was going through Sierra Leone next.

Monrovia’s Recently Opened Restaurants and Hangout Spots

Along with these buildings have been several brand-new restaurants and chill spots. These new venues are not your typical Monrovia scenes as they are designed with high-quality décor and attempt to cater to people used to the nice things in life. There are at least six of such locations that have emerged in Monrovia; we were able to give you a view of three.