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Fear Grips Margibi Villagers Over Man’s Mysterious Death

Fear Grips Margibi Villagers Over Man’s Mysterious Death

Residents of Kollie-Kiane-ta and other surrounding villages in Margibi’s Lackeyta Township are concerned about their safety after the discovery of the lifeless body of a man in a creek that villagers use for bathing and other purposes.


Two Persons Arrested For Sabotaging Operations at Roberts International Airport

Police in Margibi have arrested and turned over for investigation two suspects to the National Security Agency for their alleged involvement in masterminding the recent power outage at the Roberts International Airport.


New Information Emerges That Sen. Tornonlah’s Alma Mater Was Closed Down for Bogus Operations

Amid public criticism and concern for the authenticity of Margibi Senator Jim Tornonlah’s multiple degrees, an investigation has shown that the institution where Tornonlah earned his Master’s degree was closed for not meeting the government’s standards.