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MOVEE Reacts to Exit of Margibi Leaders

MOVEE Reacts to Exit of Margibi Leaders

In response to the resignation of leaders of its Margibi chapter, the Movement for Economic Empowerment has accused the former county chairman, James Tarnue, of forging the signature of some leaders who allegedly signed the resignation letter.

Local CDC Leadership Split in Support of Party’s Candidate in Margibi

The local leadership of the Coalition for Democratic Change in Margibi’s second district has suggested that it will not support the party’s pick for the representative position, amid dissatisfaction over how the candidate was selected.

AAIWUL Questions Legitimacy of Firestone Workers Union to Pull out of Merger

Days after it announced that it has pulled out of a merger that formed the Agricultural Agro-Processing and the Industrial Workers Union of Liberia, or AAIWUL, the Firestone Agricultural Workers Union of Liberia’s decision is being described as illegitimate.