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OP-ED: Growing Up in Liberia With Sickle Cell Disease

OP-ED: Growing Up in Liberia With Sickle Cell Disease

One day while I attended high school, my teacher punished me by sentencing me to kneeling in class for hours. As time went by, I began to feel intense pain in my body, triggering what is known as a crisis. I knew that if I continued in this position any longer I could collapse or even worse.

OP-ED: ‘Don’t Raze me Broh’ – The Freetown Floods and Liberia

Hundreds were killed and thousands were displaced from their homes last week outside of Freetown, Sierra Leone following a massive mudslide.  Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf briefly visited Sierra Leone to attend the burial of victims of the disaster.

OP-ED: Why Charles Brumskine Should Not Be Taken Seriously

On October 10, 2017, Liberians will wake up with the hope of making a turning point decision, which will forever go down in our histroy as a country. Any candidate elected during the process will decide the fate of Liberia and Liberians for the next six to twelve years.

OP-ED: The Power of Local Philanthropy

Liberians have ingenious ways to ask for gifts around major holidays. During this independence period, not a day passed without us hearing someone say, “My 26 on you.” In most cases, the person who the “26” was on gave money.