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EDITORIAL: PATEL’s Protest May Have Been Poorly Executed, But the Issues Persist

EDITORIAL: PATEL’s Protest May Have Been Poorly Executed, But the Issues Persist

During the week of April 10, 2017, a coalition of business organizations, under the umbrella of the Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia, staged a protest aimed at ceasing commercial activities in order to draw attention to issues facing business owners.


EDITORIAL: Quincy B Deserves More Than Your Condolences

Alcohol, speed and the lack of safety devices such as seatbelts or airbags were likely factors in the crash and resulting death. Unfortunately, Liberians will likely let Burrowes’ death be in vain instead of using it to spur changes to lower the chances of such incidences happening in the future.


EDITORIAL: Pres. Sirleaf Should Fulfill Decentralization Promise Before Term Ends

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration has been promoting a decentralization platform since her arrival in office. At last year’s State of the Nation address, Sirleaf promised to work with the legislature to pass the already-drafted Local Government Act; however, the president failed to submit the bill, and her promises amounted to little more than just words.


Transparency Vital to Combat Corruption and Promote Business

Although this Liberian government is one of the most open the nation has ever seen, its support of transparency is severely lacking. This is despite the fact that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has voiced support for transparency and even supported Liberia joining the Open Government Partnership.