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OP-ED: Do Successors of the Current Gov’t Have a Plan to Transform Our Educational System?

OP-ED: Do Successors of the Current Gov’t Have a Plan to Transform Our Educational System?

The long trumpeted 2017 is here, and the airwaves, intellectual centers, radio stations, market places and social media networks are engulfed by political actors spouting out propaganda and marketing their political interests.


OP-ED: The Impact of Donald Trump’s Presidency on Liberia and African Job Creation

In January 2006, after the swearing-in of Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf—the first woman elected to be president of any African country—the hope of many Liberians after years of civil turmoil was anchored to her education; experience; international leverages; and political, economic and social ability.


OP-ED: The Struggle for Social Justice and Economic Freedom Lives on after PATEL

Again, the Sirleaf government, through cunning machinations, has bought itself some time from falling under the quantum weight of the triumphant march of the masses of Liberians onto the stage of history. It now shamelessly celebrates its perceived victory over the people’s struggle for economic freedom, thus confirming its anti-democratic credentials.


OP-ED: The Legacy of a Heroine Par Excellence

Mother Mary Nema Brownell will forever remain an emblem of feminism and a symbol of heroism for generations yet unborn. It is difficult to imagine and comprehend that this heroine par excellence is no more. This loss is too grave to bear. It has left us in a state of disbelief and grief. We have every reason to mourn the demise of this phenomenal icon.

Boy Child Student School Elementary Math Desk

OP-ED: Will Their Dreams Ever Be Fulfilled?

I had just graduated from high school and was teaching a study class with eight amazing kids during my gap year. Idle-minded and patiently awaiting my entrance results from the University of Liberia, I began to write stories and poems. But I was drawn to take up the study class because I didn’t feel satisfied seeing children in my community gallivanting with no direction or focus.