Inspector Kromah Calls on Kinsmen to Uphold the Rule of Law

GOMPA, Nimba – Liberia’s deputy inspector of police, Col. Abraham Kromah, has called on his kinsman to be law-abiding citizens and uphold the rule of law as the nation gradually moves towards the election.

Kromah, who was born and raised in Gompa, paid a visit to his native land early last week and held talks with groups of young people, urging them to refrain from acts of violence that could create chaos during the election season. He said Nimba is a county noted of making history, be it negative or positive.

“Nimba is the most vibrant [county] that we have – unquestionably, and I can say that boldly,” he said. “But, also captured within that vibrant [county] that we have is the history that we make. The most recent violent act that we perpetrated here on one of our own citizens – that is part of our own history.”

Kromah pointed to the formation of the Organization of African Unity (now called the African Union) as proof of Nimba’s storied history. The first meeting of African heads of states occurred in the Nimba capital of Sanniquellie in 1963.

Kromah said in light of Nimba’s past, the county’s citizens could not participate in “uncivilized actions.” Recalling the 2014, vandalizing of ArcelorMittal’s property at Mt. Nimba, Kromah said it was shameful for him, as a son of the county, to have arrested his own kinsmen who were involved.

“As the deputy inspector at the time that arrested those young brothers that actually perpetrated those things, I did that with tears in my eyes because those are my cousins,” he said.

Kromah cautioned Nimbaians to push for a future where they would not be labeled as violent people.

In a related development, a team comprising of the Liberia National Police, Ministry of Transport, and the Liberia Revenue Authority is in Gompa for the next one month, conducting vehicle inspection and registration.

Col. Mikie Gray, commissioner of LNP’s Traffic Safety Division and head of the joint team, told reporters in Nimba that his team will continue the exercise in major cities in Nimba, including Saclepea, Bahn, Karnplay, Sanniquellie, and Tappita respectively.

Featured image courtesy of Dave Conner and Frontpageafrica

Arrington Ballah

A resident of Ganta, Nimba County, Arrington has a background working with credit unions and other organizations dedicated to rural finance.

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