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University of Liberia: Scholarship Sponsors Owe US$600,000

University of Liberia: Scholarship Sponsors Owe US$600,000

The University of Liberia has called on benefactors who have committed to funding scholarships and financial aid at the institution to fulfill their obligations.

PSL Students Gain Extra 30+ Weeks of Learning, But at Significantly Higher Cost

As the controversial Partnership Schools for Liberia initiative enters its second year, a report conducted by the Center for Global Development has revealed that the program is costly to run, although it significantly raised students’ learning in its first year, compared with standard public schools.

Book Review: From Oliver Twist to ‘Preeminent Man’: Sakui Malakpa on The Rise of Joseph Boakai

Joseph Boakai’s tenure as vice president of Liberia has been relatively quiet, particularly when considering the attention lavished on the president in whose administration he serves.