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Does Liberia Really Have the Most Children Out of School?

Does Liberia Really Have the Most Children Out of School?

Within Liberian circles on social media in recent weeks, a UNICEF report published last year has resurfaced, claiming that Liberia tops the list of countries with the highest proportion of out-of-school children. Are there really more children out of school in Liberia, a peaceful country, than in Afghanistan and South Sudan, both countries that are actively involved in civil conflicts?

PSL Students Gain Extra 30+ Weeks of Learning, But at Significantly Higher Cost

As the controversial Partnership Schools for Liberia initiative enters its second year, a report conducted by the Center for Global Development has revealed that the program is costly to run, although it significantly raised students’ learning in its first year, compared with standard public schools.

Experts Rate Solar as a Reasonable Alternative for Energy in Post-war Liberia

In the capital, only seven percent of the population has access to electricity. Most of Monrovia’s grid is largely supplied by expensive diesel-fueled generation sources.

Another School-based Clinic Now at R.S. Caufield

The troubled Liberian health sector has got a boost from the Carter Center with the establishment of a school-based clinic at the R.S. Caufield primary, junior and secondary school located in Margibi.