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OP-ED: Business as Usual in Liberia – Lies, Incompetence, and US$100 Million in Missing Cash

As the jubilation of Liberia’s historic presidential transfer of power has worn off, Liberians have settled back down into their daily routines. It appears politicians have too. It’s back to business as usual in Liberia, complete with lies, incompetence, and one of the biggest financial scandals in Liberia’s history.

OP-ED: Can Prayer Solve Africa’s Problems?

Africa, the cradle of humankind, is a diverse, and deeply spiritual, continent. Numerous religions are practiced across Africa with the main ones being Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. While religion has its place, there seems to be a higher influx of church prayer services in Liberia than there are schools or solid policies as a solution to poverty and Africa’s other vexing problems.