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Khana Group CEO Eyes Nimba Senatorial Seat

Khana Group CEO Eyes Nimba Senatorial Seat

The 2020 senatorial elections are still over a year away, but some candidates are already mobilizing their resources in preparation to enter the race. Once such candidate is the 40-year-old Taa Wongbe, CEO of the Khana Group, the data collection and research firm that has serviced international clients such as Afrobarometer and Gallup.

Uhai Hair Gets Featured in Essence Magazine

Uhai Hair has been featured in Essence, the monthly American magazine targeted at black women. The beauty and cosmetic brand was featured in the magazine’s April 2019 edition, along with 13 other black-owned brands. In it, the magazine’s fashion and beauty director Julee Wilson wrote, “I can’t help but look and feel good when supporting brands that

Shoana Cachelle Tackles Disproportionate Impact of Illiteracy on Women

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, Liberia’s women continue to lag in one crucial factor that plays a key role in development – literacy. Only 54 percent of women between the ages of 15 and 49 say they can read or write – significantly lower than the 77 percent of Liberian men who are literate.

Creative Afrik Hosts Second Cane Juice Festival in Grand Bassa

On March 2, Creative Afrik held its second iteration of the Cane Juice Festival. The festival, billed as a celebration of Liberian culture, took place at the Liberian-owned Elizabeth Village Resort, a resort located along the banks of the Benson River, not far from Buchanan. The festival featured live performances, canoe rides, pool access, live art, and of course, cane juice shots.

OP-ED: Does Liberia Really Need an Army?

The Armed Forces of Liberia could not practically repel attacks mounted by Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, or other regional countries, not to mention countries with highly equipped militaries. Think about this – if Liberia were to be attacked right now by another country, we would not, in all seriousness, depend on our army to protect us. Instead, we would appeal to the United States, ECOWAS, or the United Nations, to help us or levy sanctions against that country.