Bong articles

Samay Massacre Survivors Call for Justice Through a War Crime Court

As calls for the establishment of war and economic crimes court in Liberia intensify, victims and survivors of the infamous Samay Massacre have joined, demanding the prosecution of those who carried out the massacre here in 1994 that killed 28 people and destroyed 22 houses.  

U.S. Based Organization Distributes Learning Materials to Students in Rural Bong

Kponyekpoyah Organization in the Americas or KOA, a U.S. based social development organization has completed the distribution of textbooks and other educational materials to students of four schools in rural Bong County. The schools are Gorpu Dolo Boi Elementary and Junior High School; Belefanai Lutheran School; Belefanai Community School and the United Christian Institute in Zota district.

Bong’s Leadership Accused of Violating Budget Law at County Sitting

GBARNGA, Bong – On Monday, Bong’s leaders decided at the county council sitting to appoint a comptroller to manage the expenditures of Bong’s county and social development funds. Critics have called the move a violation of the Budget Law, which requires all members of the county’s Project Management Committee to be elected. County councils are