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Cuttington Alumni Association’s New Leader Wants to Launch US$1 Million Endowment Fund

Cuttington University Alumni Association has inducted new officials to steer its affairs for the next three years, with the new president promising to address the university’s financial woes through a US$1 million endowment fund.

Former Transport Minister to Be Inducted President of Cuttington University Alumni Association

Former Transport Minister Tornonlah Varpilah will be inducted into office this weekend as the new president of Cuttington University Alumni Association. The ceremony will take place during the university’s 130th Founder’s Day celebration, which kicks off on Friday, February 22.

Is President Weah’s Tuition Waiver Causing Open Defecation Crisis at UL?

Since President George Weah announced a tuition waiver at all public tertiary institutions across the country, there are visible signs that the University of Liberia has not adjusted well to the changes. An investigation reveals that the Capitol Hill campus now has an open defecation phenomenon due to the lack of water on campus.