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GBCC Bridge Suffers Setback as USAID Withdraws Support

GBCC Bridge Suffers Setback as USAID Withdraws Support

Efforts to reconstruct the damaged bridge leading to Grand Bassa Community College appear to have suffered a setback as Sen. Jonathan Kaipay has announced that the US$350,000 set aside by USAID to assist the government in constructing the bridge has been diverted to another project.

Despite Calls for Intervention, Collapsed Du River Bridge Remains a Challenge to Locals

In 2017, the Du River Bridge collapsed when a truck transporting rocks for the rehabilitation of the Roberts International Airport runway drove along. The truck belonged to a Chinese firm involved in the construction at the airport.

Timbo River Bridge Finally Closes for Demolition

On Monday February 18, 2019 Napoleon Davis of Jupiter Construction announced that the Ministry of Public Works had instructed his company to close the bridge to the public. The announcement comes even though a planned detour is not yet completed by the Ministry of Public Works.