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Disabled Community Push for US$100,000 Budget Allotment

Disabled Community Push for US$100,000 Budget Allotment

With the deadline looming for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to submit the draft national budget, the Liberian disabled community has reminded the president of her commitment to make allocations for them in the pending fiscal year.

Muslims to Hold Conference Over CRC Christianization Proposal

Barely three weeks after the National Constitutional Review Conference in Gbarnga, where delegates approved the suggested changed to declare Liberia a Christian nation, Muslims in Liberia are condemning the act and are expected to hold a national conference.

Constitution Review Conference in Gbarnga Proposes Major Changes

The Constitution Review Committee has ended a four-day National Constitution Review Conference in Gbarnga. The four days exercise brought together delegates from the fifteen subdivisions and the Diaspora to vote on 25 issues to be forwarded for amendments to the 1986 constitution including reducing term durations for political offices and making Liberia a Christian state.