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Open Letter to President Trump on Equal Protection for Liberian Refugees

Please accept our compliments and best wishes as you aim to protect Americans and make America great again. The Universal Human Rights International expresses its gratitude to you for your compassion and fairness and for your reinstatement of the Deferred Enforced Departure for certain Liberian refugees already granted protection in the United States.

OP-ED: Violent Injustice – the Rise of Liberia’s Culture of Violence

Unfortunately, based on trends, investigations, and reports conducted by local and international entities, violence is still very much a virus that corrupts the society. It is important to note that the use of violence has been employed as a means of wrongfully dishing out justice and to commit acts of crime.

OP-ED: History Will Not Accept Excuses From Dr. Bropleh

George Weah is best known to the world as the only African to have won the Ballon d’or. With more than two decades gone, the international wire has not grappled with the reality that the legendary soccer star is now president of the world’s poorest country. One could argue that President Weah himself has not come to terms with the reality that unlike the soccer pitch, leading Liberia requires vision and unmatched leadership to get the right wheels turning.

OP-ED: Does Liberia Really Need an Army?

The Armed Forces of Liberia could not practically repel attacks mounted by Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, or other regional countries, not to mention countries with highly equipped militaries. Think about this – if Liberia were to be attacked right now by another country, we would not, in all seriousness, depend on our army to protect us. Instead, we would appeal to the United States, ECOWAS, or the United Nations, to help us or levy sanctions against that country.