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OP-ED: Fighting Gender Pay Gap in Liberia

OP-ED: Fighting Gender Pay Gap in Liberia

The gender pay gap can be seen everywhere. For example, FIFA allotted US$30 million as prize money for this year’s women’s competition, even though the men’s totaled US$400 million in 2018. Africa is also not spared from this gender pay inequity. UNDP approximates that gender inequality costs sub-Saharan Africa US$95 billion per year, a figure that was around 6 percent of the region’s GDP in 2014. Countries with meager economic resources like Liberia cannot afford to lose out on such resources, and policymakers need to pay closer attention to the gender pay gap in Liberia.

OP-ED: Master Dribbler George Weah is Still Dribbling With Liberia’s Corruption’s Fight

No one doubt that President George Weah is a master dribbler. He has the medals to show for this claim. And in the political realm, master dribbler Weah has also exhibited quite some dribbling skills on the likes of Brumskine, Tubman, and Sirleaf.

OP-ED: Controlling the Wage Bill Through Salary Harmonization

In Liberia, public service pay is categorized into two major trunks. Cabinet ministers directly manage the Special Allowance, completely different from the set salary for the banded positions. For example, a cabinet minister might have the discretion to pay a special assistant US$2,000 as Special Allowance in addition to regular salary while other special assistants within the Civil Service Agency payroll system are making far less.