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OP-ED: All Politics is Local – So Why Not Economic Governance?

OP-ED: All Politics is Local – So Why Not Economic Governance?

African citizens deserve governments that are responsive to their needs. Unfortunately, national governments – both in unitary and federal systems – are often too far removed from citizens to thoroughly understand what these needs are and how to address them.

OP-ED: Business as Usual in Liberia – Lies, Incompetence, and US$100 Million in Missing Cash

As the jubilation of Liberia’s historic presidential transfer of power has worn off, Liberians have settled back down into their daily routines. It appears politicians have too. It’s back to business as usual in Liberia, complete with lies, incompetence, and one of the biggest financial scandals in Liberia’s history.

OP-ED: The Game Changer for Young Liberian Women

I was 12-years-old when Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected as president. I hoped to see more replicas of her but to my dismay, women accounted for only 10.2 percent of successful candidates in the 2011 elections, and between 2005 to 2015, only 11.9 percent won. My prayers were answered when Cornelia Kruah-Togba announced her candidacy for representative in Montserrado’s 13th district.