Firestone Senior High School Alumni Association Inducts First Elected Leadership

HARBEL, Margibi- Firestone Senior High School Alumni Association on Friday inducted its first democratically elected leader since 2009.

Founded 2006, Firestone Senior High School has nearly 1,200 graduates, some of whom currently serve in junior and mid-level managerial position in Firestone. However, the alumni association has operated under an acting leadership selected on consensus by the general membership.

Forkpah Pewee and Jupor Gborkerquelle who both got elected on white ballots in September were inducted as president and treasurer, respectively. All other positions, including secretary general, assistant secretary-general and financial secretary were uncontested.

Meanwhile, the two elected officials in consultation with the membership through the inauguration committee designated Ben Sayway, Woody Brown and Yassah Lackay who were also inducted on Friday as Assistant Secretary-General, Financial Secretary and chaplain, respectively. Pewee said decisions to fill the remaining vacancies would be made later.

Margibi’s second district representative, Ivar Jones who provided the keynote address encouraged the new leadership to build a team spirit if they must succeed with their agenda to lead the association.

Jones challenged the leadership to be servants of the membership of the association, rather than seeking personal aggrandizements.

“Leadership is not about amalgamating wealth for yourself, but rather to serve the people that have entrusted you to lead them,” he said.

Margibi’s second district representative, Ivar K. Jones; photo credit: Gbatemah Senah

He told the officials that their leadership will be meaningless if it has no impact on those they will lead.

The newly inducted president praised members of the association for granting him the opportunity to serve them, adding that their decision to elect him as their leader was never a mistake.

He assured his preparedness to work with every member in ensuring that his leadership will deliver on its campaign promises.

“You called me to service, and I had no other option but to respectfully accept such a genuine call to serve,” he said.

“Any person with seeming potentials who refuses the call to service is a threat and far way dangerous to the collaborative growth of any institution.”

The newly inaugurated president promised to thread his leadership’s agenda on transformation and reconstruction during his two-year term. He said he will among other things lobby with the management of Firestone to secure an office space for the association; launch an official website which will host the names of all graduates and other details of the association; open a bank account; and launch a membership and scholarship fund drives to mobilize support to render financial aids to underprivileged members attending universities across the country.

He also renewed his campaign promise to organize regular sports fests and health fares among students and alumni of Firestone Senior High School; establish alumni chapters across the country; and provide academic, sports and sanitary materials for the school.

He further promised to promote transparency and eradicate corruption at the level of the alumni association by prosecuting would be corrupt officials.

“I do solemnly pledge that I will do all I can to collaborate with all of you in taking the alumni association down this transformative and reconstructive path and to redeem the faith you have bestowed upon me,” he added.

“Let me admonish all of the officers who are going to work along with me, that what we have begun is far greater than any one of us. Remember, everything will not be rosy as there will be a series of challenges for us to overcome together. We can make it.”

He said, unlike the past, his leadership will not tolerate having a disorganized alumni association, noting that the Firestone school system was among the best and more organized educational systems in Liberia.

He praised the management of Firestone for her continued commitment to providing quality education to her employees’ children. He noted that the high performance of students of the Firestone School System in national and other public exams testifies the support the company continues to provide to the education of her workers’ dependents.

Pewee also acknowledged the contributions of current and past administrators and faculty members of Firestone Senior High School.

Mulbah Gayflor, the principal of the Firestone Senior High School congratulated the alumni of the school for successfully completing the establishment of a leadership to lead them.

Gayflor termed the installation of the first elected leadership as a step forward for the Firestone Senior High School.

“Without the alumni association, the source of the Firestone Senior High School was incomplete,” he said.

Margibi’s third district former representative, Saah Richard Gbollie performed the installation ceremony.

Featured photo by Gbatemah Senah


Gbatemah Senah

Gbatemah is a graduate of the University of Liberia and a recipient of the Jonathan P. Hicks Scholarship for Mass Communications. In 2017, Senah won three Press Union of Liberia awards: Women's Rights Reporter of the Year, Legislative Reporter of the Year, and Land Rights Reporter of the Year. In 2018, he was also recognized as the Land Rights Reporter of the Year.

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