LFA 2019 Season to Start February 24

MONROVIA, Montserrado – Local football is set to return to Liberia on Sunday, February 24, according to the Liberia Football Association.

LFA announced that the 2019 season will officially begin at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium where the Super Cup matches will be played.

FA Cup runners-up LISCR Football Club will take on 2018 First Division and FA Cup champions, Barrack Young Controllers Football Club, in the male Super Cup category. The 2018 LFA Women’s First Division and FA Cup champions, Earth Angels Football Club, will play FA Cup runners-up Blanco Football Club in the female Super Cup category.

Two days after the Super Cup games, the league games will begin with the Second Division, where all eight games are expected to be played across six different venues. The first division will begin on Wednesday, February 27, with all 12 teams in action across six venues while the women’s league will begin on Friday, March 3.

The 2019 season, which will be second football season under the leadership of newly elected football president, Mustapha Raji, is set to be an interesting one, with the football house announcing that L$13 million (US$81,250) will be distributed to clubs as part of the sponsorship by the telecommunications company, Orange.

First division clubs will receive L$6.7 million (US$41,875), which each club receiving L$560,000 (US$3,500). The rest will be distributed to women’s and second division clubs.

According to the press release from LFA, the funds are only for the first phase of the league and do not include cash prizes and other individual awards that will be given at the end of the season. LFA further stated that the amount given for the first phase of the league will be the same dished out ahead of the second phase.

BYC FC celebrating their 2018 LFA First Division title; Photo Courtesy of T. Kla Wesley Jr.

Meanwhile, the Liberia Football Association have announced that it will dish out over LRD 15 million (US $93,750) as cash prizes at the end of the 2019 season while there will be a date in November to present awards to outstanding individuals during the season.

Breakdown of the 2019 football season cash prizes.

First Division

Winner- L$1,500,000 + trophy & medals

Runners-up- L$500,000 + medals

Second Division

Winner- L$650,000 + trophy & medals

Runners-up- L$400,000 + medals

Men’s FA Cup

Winner- L$650,000 + trophy & Medals
Runners-up- L$400,000 + medals

Women’s FA Cup

Winner- L$500,000

Runner-up- L$315,000

Women Division

Winner- L$550,000 + trophy & Medals
Runners-up- L$315,000 + medals

Sub-association champions in the 15 counties

Winner- L$20,000 + trophy & Medals
Runners-up- L$10,000 + medals


Third Division Playoffs

Winner- L$250,000 + trophy & Medals
Runners-up- L$120,000 + medals

Community League Playoffs champions (15 counties)

Winner- L$16,000 + trophy & Medals
Runners-up- L$8,000 + medals

Featured photo courtesy of Liberia Football League

T Kla Wesley Jr.

T. Kla Wesley Jr. is a member of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia.

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