Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency Burns Confiscated Marijuana in Maryland

HARPER, Maryland – The Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency in Maryland has burnt 57 kg of marijuana confiscated in Harper. The exercise took place late last month in Philadelphia, a local community in Harper.

LDEA’s officer-in-charge in Maryland, David Togbah, told The Bush Chicken in an interview that the drugs were worth L$667,000 (US$4,447).

According to Togbah, the drugs were confiscated in the Lamascoc community based on a tip from residents. Despite a recent report labeling the agency as the least trusted security agency in the country, he said, “The operation of the LDEA in Maryland County is effective and I think you saw it for yourself.”

According to him, the burning of the drugs was done in consultation with the LDEA headquarters in Monrovia. He added that Maryland’s county superintendent and representatives from the office of the county attorney were present to witness the exercise.

Togbah praised officers of the LDEA for always showing up as backup during operations to confiscate drugs. He recalled that months ago, the agency also confiscated a huge quantity of marijuana that was cultivated from Barrobo and similarly burned in Pleebo, Sodoken District.

The Maryland LDEA boss also lauded citizens for their collaboration.

“You find these things in the hideout, so if someone does not give you a tipoff, you will not find them,” he added.

He said based on citizens’ collaboration, two individuals were recently arrested and charged with illegal possession of harmful substances and were prosecuted and were each sentenced to jail for a year.

Togbah, however, said LDEA’s operations in Maryland was being hampered by several challenges, including limited logistics.

“The challenges are glaring. You saw them today for yourself. We use nothing else to transport these bags of drug but commercial motorbikes,” he said.

He added that it can also be risky to store dangerous confiscated substances because of threats from individuals involved with the illegal drug trade and trafficking. With the necessary support from the government, he said the LDEA will continue to combat drug crimes.

He also warned residents of the Southeast to desist from allowing drug dealers to use their homes as hideouts for drugs substances and criminals.

Featured photo by Franklin Nehyalor

Franklin Nehyalor

Franklin has been a reporter, presenter, and producer at Radio Nimba in Sanniquellie since 1997, later serving as the station's deputy news director. Franklin is also the official spokesperson for the Nimba Community Radio Association and the secretary general for the Nimba Health Reporters Network.

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