Maryland District Education Officer Provides Scholarship for 25 Teachers

BONIKEN, Maryland – The newly appointed district education officer of Karluway Education District Number Two has provided scholarships for 25 teachers out of his own pocket. The scholarships will allow the teachers to earn C Certificates in teaching.

Speaking in an interview with The Bush Chicken in Karluway, Moses Boahn said upon assuming office barely four months ago, he surveyed teachers across the education district and realized that many lacked the required qualification to be teaching in the classroom.

However, despite the lack of qualification, Boahn said the teachers had passion and willingness to teach, which prompted him to provide them with the scholarship to become qualified.

After the first batch of teachers earns their certificates, Boahn says he may consider enrolling another 25 teachers, provided that his efforts are supported by humanitarians. Boahn has already called on the county’s legislative caucus and other humanitarian organizations to assist him.

The teachers are now enrolled at the LICOSESS Mobile Teacher College in Pleebo, and they are expected to earn their certificate after ten months of training.

LICOSESS is an associate degree-granting college that trains teachers for placement in primary and secondary schools. The total value of the 25 teachers’ tuition is over L$600,000 (US$3,846), Boahn said, adding that he used his personal funds because he is passionate about making sure that the education district excels.

“I will make sure by the grace of God, all my teachers that lack the qualification will be qualified in a period of two years, so as to have a vibrant school district in this county,” he said.

The county education officer, Tehneseo P. Beohdonyen, lauded the DEO for the initiative, noting that if all other DEOs in the country did such, Liberia’s education system would be vibrant.

Beohdonyen, however, pledged his support to the Boahn and his district.

One of the teachers benefiting from the program, James B. Kyne, teaches at the Boniken Public School. He has taught in the district for over five years and said he thinks the new DEO will help improve education in the district.

James B. Kyne Sr a beneficiary of the DEO scholarship. Photo: George K. Momo

Kyne said since he graduated from high school and entered the classroom as a teacher, it has been difficult for him to further his studies due to the lack of money for his tuition.

He also called on other officials and education stakeholders to buttress the effort of the DEO by providing the opportunity for his colleagues who could not benefit from the scholarship.

“This man is one of the few that want to positively transform education in this county, and I hope that other DEOs in this county will do same,” Kyne said. “What he is doing for us only God will pay him.”

Maryland has 108 schools and eight school districts. There are 22 schools under Boahn’s supervision.

Featured photo by George Momo

George Momo

George Momo is also a reporter for the Liberia Broadcasting System and the president of the Maryland Press Association.

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