Marylanders Celebrate Rep. Bhofal Chambers’ Speaker Position

PLEEBO, Maryland – Marylanders took to the streets of Pleebo and Harper on Monday to celebrate the announcement that Rep. Bhofal Chambers had been elected on a white ballot as speaker of the 54th National Legislature.

While there are plans to hold a countywide celebration for Chambers at many corners of the Pleebo Sodoken Statutory District that he represents, residents were seen already celebrating.

The Coalition for Democratic Change lawmaker, who was recently re-elected by 57 percent of Maryland’s second electoral district on October 10, 2017, is now third in line for presidency.

Chambers’ election as speaker, when combined with the selection of Grand Kru’s Sen. Albert T. Chie as pro tempore, signals a shift of the balance of power toward the southeastern region of the country, especially given that President-elect George Weah is ethnically Kru.

The region has been the most neglected during the Sirleaf administration and it’s one of the most impoverished regions in Liberia. Human development indicators are among the lowest in the country and the region is the least accessible by roads.

Chambers ascendency has given some Marylanders hope for their county, including the assistant superintendent for development who is now acting superintendent, Nathaniel Toe.

Toe reminisced about the William V. S. Tubman days, when the president of 27 years hailed from Maryland.

“To see a Marylander being elected as third in succession, it’s a great thing for our county,” he said. “I’m overwhelmed.”

He disclosed that a county celebration for Chamber’s promotion to the speaker position would be held shortly and would involve citizens of the county’s three electoral districts.

Maryland assistant superintendent for development, Nathaniel Toe. Photo: George K. Momo

Another supporter of Chambers who celebrated his ascendency was Thomas Nyema, chairman of Pleebo Traditional Youth. Nyema said for as long as he remains head of his group, the district will continue to be represented by Chambers.

“Even if he says he is tired of representing us, we will ask him to recommend someone that can carry on advocacy like he is doing for us here,” Nyema said.

George Momo

George Momo is also a reporter for the Liberia Broadcasting System and the president of the Maryland Press Association.

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