Police Arrest Six People in Connection to Man’s Death in Maryland

GLOFAKEN, Maryland – Police in Glofaken have investigated and charged three persons for the murder of a 48-year-old man identified as Simeon Toe.

Speaking to The Bush Chicken in Glofaken, Regina Toe, the sister of the victim, said she had been told that her brother stole rice seed and money from a man known as Seabo Tweh. She said after her brother was caught, he was asked to provide the money and rice seed he stole. When he could only provide some of the money and none of the rice seed stolen, he was tied on a pole and beaten to death.

“Even if he stole from them, we are here and been living here, I see no reason why they should go that far, but God will pay them,” she said.

Tweh age 22, is one of the three men charged by the police for the murder. The other two are Leo Tweh, 21, and Andrew Tow, 30. Others were charged with criminal facilitation, including Benedict N. Nimely Jr., 23, James Nyenkan, 63, and Nancy Tarwine, 28.

Speaking to The Bush Chicken, the three charged for murder admitted to killing the victim, but said they regret their action and never expected him to die.

“We are asking the family to forgive us and the law to also see reason to set us free and promise to never be involved in such devilish act,” Tweh said.

Police charged the other three individuals for criminal facilitation because they were present while the crime was taking place. They are also in police detention in Glofaken awaiting court trial.

Nancy Tarwine, Benedict N. Nimely Jr., and James Nyenkan were charged with criminal facilitation. Photo: George K. Momo

The body of the deceased was turned over to the family after medical examination was conducted. He has since been buried.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission, a human rights organization, has strongly condemned the beating and subsequent death of Simeon Toe.

A press release issued by the organization said, “The beating on a man, whether for a reason or not, is a crime against the state and a gross violation of the human rights.”

The commission called on all individuals and organizations to protect human rights to ensure that such violent acts can cease in Maryland.

Featured photo by George Momo

George Momo

George Momo is also a reporter for the Liberia Broadcasting System and the president of the Maryland Press Association.

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