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120 Youth Learn About Entrepreneurship and Leadership

120 Youth Learn About Entrepreneurship and Leadership

A group of 120 youth have completed a two-day training in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, civic Leadership, and public management.

EDITORIAL: Quincy B Deserves More Than Your Condolences

Alcohol, speed and the lack of safety devices such as seatbelts or airbags were likely factors in the crash and resulting death. Unfortunately, Liberians will likely let Burrowes’ death be in vain instead of using it to spur changes to lower the chances of such incidences happening in the future.

OP-ED: Leadership is About Service Not Self-Enrichment

If anybody deserves quality education, better health care, electricity, safe drinking water, improved housing, and other basic social services, then it is the PEOPLE. Since all power is inherent in them according to Article one (1) of our Constitution, then it means that the welfare of the people must be an indispensable national priority.