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Liberian Civil War not Taught in Schools, So Millennials Take the Lead

Millennials in Liberia are taking the lead in educating their peers and young people about the history of the country’s 14 years of devastating civil war, a subject that is excluded from the syllabus in schools across the nation.

Cuttington Alumni Association’s New Leader Wants to Launch US$1 Million Endowment Fund

Cuttington University Alumni Association has inducted new officials to steer its affairs for the next three years, with the new president promising to address the university’s financial woes through a US$1 million endowment fund.

AMEZU Wins 2018 Inter-College Basketball Championship

The African Methodist Episcopal Zion University has won the 2018 championship of the annual inter-college basketball tournament organized by Scorpion Incorporated, a youth organization in Monrovia.

Bong’s Leadership Accused of Violating Budget Law at County Sitting

GBARNGA, Bong – On Monday, Bong’s leaders decided at the county council sitting to appoint a comptroller to manage the expenditures of Bong’s county and social development funds. Critics have called the move a violation of the Budget Law, which requires all members of the county’s Project Management Committee to be elected. County councils are