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CDC Secretary General Outlines Gov’t Progress

CDC Secretary General Outlines Gov’t Progress

The secretary general of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Janga Augustus Kowo, has outlined what he says is progress made by the CDC-led government over the past eleven-plus months in office.

A Tribute to Ruth Caesar

Thursday, December 13, 2018, was a blow to the Liberian and African Women’s Movement. A powerful voice succumbed to the inevitable call of death. If such a call came with a warning, we would’ve vehemently protested as the fight for women’s empowerment is far from over. Such is the inevitability of the end of life. As it is said, one by one, we must all leave this earthly abode.

NAYMOTE Tracks President Weah’s 270 Days Deliverables on Campaign Promises

The National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections has released a report evaluating the first 270 days of President George Weah’s government, based on promises made to Liberians during and after the 2017 elections.