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OP-ED: Master Dribbler George Weah is Still Dribbling With Liberia’s Corruption’s Fight

No one doubt that President George Weah is a master dribbler. He has the medals to show for this claim. And in the political realm, master dribbler Weah has also exhibited quite some dribbling skills on the likes of Brumskine, Tubman, and Sirleaf.

EDITORIAL: Pres. Weah Says Liberia is not Sudan, But He’s Moving Us in That Direction

“This is not Sudan, where one man ruled for 30 years and now the military is in control. This is not Venezuela, where citizens are denied their rights, where the legislature is unable to play its role, and humanitarian aid is blocked from reaching people in desperate need,” he told the Liberian people.

Grand Bassa Citizens Debate Proposed Changes to Elections Commission

“I don’t like the way the president can appoint elections commissioners in this country, because even me if I am a president and appointed you, you will cheat because I recommended you,” said Oretha Artis, a resident of Bokay Town in Granda Bassa’a first district. “If the president appoints you, he or she will have control over you.”