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Senator Kaipay Submits 2017/2018 Annual Legislative Report

Senator Kaipay Submits 2017/2018 Annual Legislative Report

After touring Grand Bassa’s five districts to explain his accomplishments over the past two years, Grand Bassa’s Senator Jonathan Kaipay has submitted his legislative report to his constituents.

OP-ED: ‘Don’t Raze me Broh’ – The Freetown Floods and Liberia

Hundreds were killed and thousands were displaced from their homes last week outside of Freetown, Sierra Leone following a massive mudslide.  Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf briefly visited Sierra Leone to attend the burial of victims of the disaster.

OP-ED: Will My Country Have My Back?

As a young Liberian woman studying in the United States, I would love to move back to Liberia to incite some degree of change for my people. But I am afraid. While I want to return after I graduate, I do not feel protected in Liberia. I do not feel like my nation will have my back no matter what.