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A Tribute to Ruth Caesar

A Tribute to Ruth Caesar

Thursday, December 13, 2018, was a blow to the Liberian and African Women’s Movement. A powerful voice succumbed to the inevitable call of death. If such a call came with a warning, we would’ve vehemently protested as the fight for women’s empowerment is far from over. Such is the inevitability of the end of life. As it is said, one by one, we must all leave this earthly abode.

OP-ED: Safety & Security after UNMIL Undermined by President’s Constitution Referendum

At the 11th hour and in her 11th annual message to the Honorable Liberian Legislature, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf answered the million dollar question on the minds of most Liberians, Liberia’s partners as well as current and future investors.

Constitution Review Conference in Gbarnga Proposes Major Changes

The Constitution Review Committee has ended a four-day National Constitution Review Conference in Gbarnga. The four days exercise brought together delegates from the fifteen subdivisions and the Diaspora to vote on 25 issues to be forwarded for amendments to the 1986 constitution including reducing term durations for political offices and making Liberia a Christian state.