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Liberia Music Awards Organizer Retracts Statement on Cash Prizes

Liberia Music Awards Organizer Retracts Statement on Cash Prizes

The Liberia Music Awards Foundation, which organizes the MTN Liberia Music Awards, has retracted a previous pronouncement that winners of the annual awards would be provided with cash prizes.

EDITORIAL: Pres. Weah Says Liberia is not Sudan, But He’s Moving Us in That Direction

“This is not Sudan, where one man ruled for 30 years and now the military is in control. This is not Venezuela, where citizens are denied their rights, where the legislature is unable to play its role, and humanitarian aid is blocked from reaching people in desperate need,” he told the Liberian people.

Lonestar Dismisses Claim of Being Pressured to Terminate Partnership With Roots FM

Lonestar Cell MTN has dismissed claims that it was pressured by the government to terminate its partnership with Roots FM where the telecommunications company hosts the station’s transmission antenna and broadcast transmitter.

No Voting Records Available at Legislature as Lawmakers Abandon Electronic Voting System

Investigation has revealed that there is no record available at the Liberian Legislature to show how individual lawmakers vote for bills on the floor.