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Court Drops Multiple Criminal Charges against Maltida Parker and Co-Defendant

Court Drops Multiple Criminal Charges against Maltida Parker and Co-Defendant

Judge Boima Konto of Criminal Court C has dropped Charges of multiple criminal offenses against the former managing director of the National Port Authority, Maltida Parker, and her comptroller, Christina Pealay.

Impeachment Trial Takes Full Shape as Associate Justice Ja’neh Completes Testimony

The impeachment trial of Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh has now taken full shape as the defendant himself ended his testimony on Thursday, March 21, after taking the witness stand on Monday, March 18. Ja’neh pleaded not guilty of all charges levied against him by the House of Representatives.

Senate to Probe Controversial NPA Cargo Tracking Agreement

The Liberian Senate has mandated its committees on Commerce, Public Cooperation, and Judiciary to probe the controversial Cargo Tracking Agreement entered into by the National Port Authority and Global Tracking and Maritime Solution.

Senator Kaipay Submits 2017/2018 Annual Legislative Report

After touring Grand Bassa’s five districts to explain his accomplishments over the past two years, Grand Bassa’s Senator Jonathan Kaipay has submitted his legislative report to his constituents.

Sen. Grupee’s Bill to Approve Appointees at State-Owned Enterprises Passes Senate

After languishing at the Liberian Senate for more than six months, a bill introduced by the Sen. Thomas Grupee that requires Senate confirmation of presidential appointees at state-owned corporations has received overwhelming support from his colleagues.