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Grand Bassa’s Sen. Kaipay Wants an Explanation of Salary Disparity in Gov’t

Grand Bassa’s Sen. Kaipay Wants an Explanation of Salary Disparity in Gov’t

Grand Bassa’s Sen. Jonathan Kaipay has asked the Senate to invite Finance Minister Samuel Tweah and the director-general of the Civil Service Agency, Laurine Wede, to explain what he says is a huge salary disparity among government employees.

Open Letter to U.S. Ambassador for Update on Missing Billions

On September 24, 2018, thousands of patriotic Liberians, out of firm conviction and love for country, petitioned your government and prominent international organizations (the U.N., A.U., E.U. and ECOWAS) through a mass peaceful protest, calling for an independent international forensic investigation into the missing containers of local currency amounting to L$16 billion.

Commerce Minister Attributes Artificial Gas Shortage to Retailers’ Misunderstanding of Road Funds

The Minister for Commerce and Industry, Wilson Tarpeh has blamed the recent artificial shortage of gasoline in the country to ‘misunderstanding’ by petroleum importers regarding the collection of road funds announced by the government.

Senate Rejects Economic Management Team Report, Amends Rules for Impeachment proceeding

The Liberia Senate on its second day sitting of the extraordinary session voted to reject a report on the status of the country’s economy presented by the Technical Economic Management Team of President George Weah.

OP-ED: Business as Usual in Liberia – Lies, Incompetence, and US$100 Million in Missing Cash

As the jubilation of Liberia’s historic presidential transfer of power has worn off, Liberians have settled back down into their daily routines. It appears politicians have too. It’s back to business as usual in Liberia, complete with lies, incompetence, and one of the biggest financial scandals in Liberia’s history.

Finance Minister Says Liberians Should Disregard Previous Gov’t Statements About Missing L$16 Billion

As pressure mounts on the government to provide information about the allegedly missing L$16 billion banknotes, Finance Minister Samuel Tweah says Liberians should disregard previous statements and press releases by Information Minister Eugene Nagbe and Justice Minister Musa Dean.