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Khana Group CEO Eyes Nimba Senatorial Seat

Khana Group CEO Eyes Nimba Senatorial Seat

The 2020 senatorial elections are still over a year away, but some candidates are already mobilizing their resources in preparation to enter the race. Once such candidate is the 40-year-old Taa Wongbe, CEO of the Khana Group, the data collection and research firm that has serviced international clients such as Afrobarometer and Gallup.

OP-ED: The Politics of Tribalism in the Absence of Intellectual Discourse

He stood about five and a half feet tall with an oversized backpack, a menacing look, deep red eyes, and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. He was directing fleeing civilians at a makeshift NPFL checkpoint decorated with human skulls in the suburb of Voinjama, Lofa County where opposing rebel forces, ULIMO-K, were pushing against Charles Taylor’s NPFL rebels.