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OP-ED: ECOWAS Summit Illuminates Sirleaf’s Troubled Relationship with Tolbert Legacy

In August 1979, President William Tolbert, Jr. appointed Liberia’s first female minister of finance, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The vacancy arose in part due to the economic fall-out associated with the high cost of hosting the 16th summit of the Organization of African Unity in Monrovia the previous month.

OP-ED: A Hopeless Unification Day

Touring Red Light, a commercial suburb outside Monrovia, was a painful experience for me this past Unification Day. Even on this national holiday, there was no space for pedestrians to easily travel or pass through as street peddlers and petty traders flooded Red Light in pursuit of economic survival.

OP-ED: The Future of Partnership Schools For Liberia

Recently, education providers, stakeholders, funders and the Government of Liberia, led by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, huddled in Ganta and Monrovia to discuss the future of the much-heralded Partnership Schools for Liberia’s (PSL) “Investing in Education for the Future” Conference.

OP-ED: Liberia’s Affirmative Action Act Falls Flat in Quest for Gender Parity

Liberia’s recent Affirmative Action bill has stimulated nationwide debates and public discussions. The passage of this bill by the Legislature received tremendous support from organizations working on women’s issues, which viewed the Legislature’s decision as a step toward gender parity in government.