USAID Project Donates US$26,900 to Promote County Dev’t Funds in Bong

GBARNGA, Bong – The USAID-funded Local Empowerment for Government Inclusion and Transparency project, LEGIT, has donated US$26,900 worth of materials to help raise awareness about the use of County Social Development Funds in Bong.

The materials include a laptop computer, printer, projector, digital camera, recharge mobile credit cards and stationaries. LEGIT also presented 5.5 KVA generator, two public address system, 30 pieces of printer toner cartridge, and a mixer, among others.

Philip Ikita, a representative of LEGIT who made the presentation on Monday, said the materials are provided “to assist the Bong County local government administration in the collection, analyzing, and storing of data; maintain records and prepare reports on citizens’ participation in the County Development Fund, project planning, and implementation.”

He also said the generator and public address system were provided to help the county promote awareness on citizens’ roles in project planning, implementation, and monitoring for the County Development Fund in Bong.

Taking delivery of the items at her office, Superintendent Esther Walker assured the donor and other partners that Bong would make effective use of the materials to benefit citizens.

“The leadership of Bong is grateful to LEGIT and USAID for this donation; we can assure you that these materials will be properly managed to help our people,” Walker said.

Meanwhile, LEGIT’s project director Thomas Cisco told The Bush Chicken that the materials were being provided as part of a six-month project valued at US$30,950. While USAID provided the funds for the equipment, the county will cover the US$4,050 personnel cost.

He described the objectives of the project: “We will reach out to 2,800 persons in seven districts. We want to increase citizens’ participation in planning, budgeting, and implementing projects funded through the County Social Development Funds.”

The project will affect Jorquelleh, Panta, Kpaii, Suakoko, Yellequelleh, Salala, and Sinoyea.

Featured photo by Moses Bailey

Moses Bailey

Moses started his journalism career in 2010 as a reporter at Radio Gbarnga. In 2011, the Press Union of Liberia recognized him as the Human Rights Reporter of the Year. In 2017, he was the Development Reporter of the Year. He is also an Internews Health Journalism Fellow. Moses is also the regional coordinator for NAYMOTE-Liberia, an organization working with youth to promote democratic governance.

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