Help Us Improve Journalism in Liberia

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On Jan. 29, 2015, we launched a high-quality media outlet that also provides inclusive coverage of rural communities.

If you appreciate the content we provide, please show your support to ensure that we can keep bringing you what you like. All our editors are volunteers, and the news outlet still operates at a loss.

Over 92% of our monthly expenditures of over $1000 go towards paying our journalists. 

Here are some key features that distinguish us from other news outlets:

  • We use advanced proofreading and plagiarism detection technology to ensure that our articles are not only original, but that they are the best written of all Liberian news outlets.
  • We use the highest quality photos of any news outlets in Liberia, and we either own or have permissions for all photos we use.
  • We employ a trained team of editors with experiences ranging from working with Voice of America to daily newspapers in the US.

Here are some of our past accomplishments:

  • An article titled, ‘The Best Liberian University Websites”, which ranked all university websites, influenced Tubman University to revamp their website and notify us of the change.
  • The same article was used by a local NGO, SMART Liberia, to apply for and get awarded a grant to assist universities in making recommendations to improve their websites.
  • We were cited in an International Business Times article based on an article we published on the aftermath of children orphaned by Ebola in Liberia.
  • Our investigation on false advertisements prompted the Ministry of Commerce to investigate the importer of Tsingtao Beer and also saw Cellcom stop a promotion in question.